Education and Human Development

Academic support for undergraduate students

Your academic advisor is a good place to start when you have a question or are looking for resources on campus. In addition, the resources below are available to all students at the University of Minnesota.


Center for Academic Planning and Exploration (CAPE)

The Center for Academic Planning and Exploration (CAPE) provides personalized services to help undergraduate students like you develop an Action Plan to aid in your major and career decision-making process.

Center for Writing

The Center for Writing provides free writing instruction for all University of Minnesota students at all stages of the writing process.

Disability Resource Center

The goal of the Disability Resource Center is to ensure that students have access to all the learning opportunities they choose, whether in class or at work, or participating in the wide range of social and cultural experiences the University offers.

Graduation Planner

Use Graduation Planner to explore major and minor requirements and make a plan that will help you stay on track for graduation. Use Graduation Planner as you work with your advisor to plan for your degree.

Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence (MCAE)

MCAE provides group and individual tutoring to University of Minnesota students with an instructional center where students study together and develop support groups.