2012 CEHD Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Distinguished Alumni

Kristin Ostby Anderson
M.A., education, 1968
respected leader in many realms of public education

Will Antell
Ed.D., educational administration, 1973
distinguished career as a teacher, educational leader, policy maker at the state and federal level, and founder of the American Indian Education Association

Norma Jane Baker
M.E., home economics education, 1990
outstanding educational leader, both in Minnesota and around the world

Mary J. Ballard
B.G.S., general studies, 1984
successful career as an aviation expert and as a principal operations inspector for the Federal Aviation Administration

Mary Beth Barry
B.S., physical education, 1983
outstanding dedication to DeLaSalle High School as a teacher and mentor, volunteer service to community organizations, and loyalty to the Tucker Center for Women and Girls in Sport

R. Michael Conley
B.S., political science, 1967
B.S., social studies, 1967
outstanding business executive, philanthropist and community leader

James T. Decker
Ph.D., educational administration, 1976
distinguished leadership and academic entrepreneurship in higher education and social work

Donald W. Helmstetter
Ph.D., educational administration, 1999
successful career as a distinguished educator, administrator and passionate advocate for students and educators

Mary H. Hertogs
B.A., social work, 1956
B.S., elementary education, 1958
M.A., curriculum and instruction, 1975
distinguished career as a teacher and school administrator

Dale A. Johnson
M.A., educational administration, 1966
Ph.D., education, 1968
successful career as an outstanding educator, administrator, business executive and community leader

Brett Laursen
M.A., child psychology, 1987
Ph.D., child psychology, 1989
outstanding career in higher education and widely cited research concerning parent-child and peer relationships during childhood and adolescence

Sarah C. Mangelsdorf
Ph.D., child psychology, 1988
successful career as a distinguished educator, researcher and administrative leader

Jennifer M. Marrone
B.G.S., general studies, 1982
exceptional entrepreneurial leadership in business

Jane H. McNamara
B.S., english, 1971
outstanding dedication and leadership supporting young immigrant students to achieve their education

Mary M. Melbo
Ph.D., educational psychology, 1981
exceptional organizational leader with Fortune 500 companies and expertise in executive coaching

R. Wayne Olmsted
B.S., education, 1961
distinguished career in business, law, and as a community leader

Lucille Paradela-Fernandez
M.E., nursing education, 1954
outstanding leader in nursing education

Lori A. Smith Peterson
M.E., vocational education, 1994
Ph.D., education, 2002
distinguished leader in adult education

G. James Rockwell
Ph.D., child psychology, 1970
exceptional leadership and vision which helped to advance the profession of school psychology, especially in the Broward County school system

Harland E. Samson
B.S., business & marketing education, 1953
M.A., business and marketing education, 1956
Ph.D., educational psychology, 1964
in recognition of your distinguished career in higher education as a professor administrator and dean

Edward Franklin Starke
B.S., distributive education, 1968
M.A., distributive education, 1975
distinguished educator, administrator and passionate advocate for students and educators

Joan Ellen Velasquez
Ph.D., social work, 1979
outstanding leader in international development

Degrees listed were earned in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota.