Diversity and inclusion

The following statement, written by the CEHD Senior Management Team, is an excerpt from the Fall 2020 issue of Connect, the college's alumni magazine. This special issue of Connect brought together contributions from the larger UMN CEHD community—alumni, students, staff, faculty, and administration. Read the full statement in the magazine.

CEHD focuses on the human condition in educational, family, and social settings and is committed to improving these settings, and by so doing, the human condition for all. The murder of George Floyd in our city makes all the more urgent our efforts to address racism and inequities, and dismantle and redesign the structures, policies, and practices that reproduce them. Minnesota has some of the largest employment, income, and educational achievement and opportunity gaps for communities of Color in the nation. This is not just the state’s issue, it is OUR issue.

We resolve to further our efforts to move the college toward equity by establishing and enhancing private and public partnerships to achieve larger aims. We will enhance our teaching, research, and outreach to better educate the next wave of alumni committed to equity. Our faculty and staff must commit themselves to lead us forward as we each do our part to create a more just and equitable world. Our strength comes from our diversity and we achieve those larger goals by continuing to become an antiracist organization.

Moving forward, we will engage our departments and units, and the college as a whole, in that introspective process, calling each to action—noting that some members of the college have a long history of antiracist action, where others are working toward deepening their efforts. And, for some, this is the time to begin. We recognize that harm has been done, consciously and unconsciously, and realize that harm may continue to be done. Yet work must begin in concert with CEHD partners across the University, community partners and stakeholders, and community members with whom we have not yet engaged.

- Statement written by CEHD Senior Management Team, Excerpt from the Fall 2020 issue of CEHD Connect.

College and University resources

What we’re learning about gaps

Michael Rodriguez

Michael Rodriguez, dean of CEHD and a professor in the Department of Educational Psychology, partners with schools to improve outcomes by promoting data use that is more accurate, efficient, and equitable.

The Minnesota Youth Development Research Group has been listening to the voices of youth through the Minnesota Student Survey, or MSS, for more than a decade. Their work provides an important knowledge base for decision makers and valuable education and experience for talented students under Rodriguez’s guidance. Read more about the MSS and the research group.

There’s a big emphasis on getting kids ready for schools. We also need to be getting our schools ready for kids.

Research on diversity and equity

During academic year 2020-21, CEHD is hosting Scholar Spotlight: Centering Race, a series of Zoom forums highlighting those faculty members who have a recent publication focusing on diversity, inclusion, racial issues, and justice. Highlights from the first three events are below.

Anti-racist mentoring

Timothy Lensmire, professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, and Brian Lozenski, a former C&I student and associate professor at Macalester College, published “Anti-racist Mentoring: For White Faculty Who Want to Engage in Black Mentorship.” View the recording and read the publication.

Introducing Racialized Labor

Tabitha Grier-Reed, professor in the Department of Family Social Science, and Miguel Quiñones, PhD student, presented on "The Emergence of Racialized Labor and Racial Battle Fatigue in the African American Student Network (AFAM)." View the recording and read the publication.

Indigenous rights education: Between birthright and commitment

Elizabeth Sumida Huaman, associate professor in the Department of Organizational, Leadership, Policy, and Development, presented on Indigenous rights education: Between birthright and commitment. View the recording and read the publication.