Global signature grant Call for proposals 2023-2024


The CEHD Global Signature Grant is awarded to a faculty, P&A staff, department, or center that proposes program initiatives that demonstrate the college’s commitment to global engagement. Individual or group projects are considered, with priority given to projects that are interdisciplinary and sustainable. CEHD Global Signature Grant projects are exemplars of institutionalized internationalization and global commitments in CEHD. They demonstrate our college’s strength through globally-focused, mission-driven activities.


The purpose of this grant program is to support the creation of an institutional culture of global engagement in CEHD. By supporting projects in this process, we seek to institutionalize our global focus, creating opportunities to integrate chosen activities into their core functions and support projects that need extra funding to begin, continue, or complete their activities. Projects that are interdisciplinary and integrate individuals from multiple centers or departments may have higher potential for sustainability than those that depend on individuals, therefore these would be given priority. We consider interdisciplinary to be both within the college or with partners outside the college. For the purpose of this grant attending an international conference is not considered an eligible project.

Global Signature Grant Programs include, but are not limited to

  • Research abroad opportunities and collaboration
  • International engagement activities (e.g., delivery of workshops, training, or seminars), particularly to low income countries (as classified by the World Bank)
  • Global social justice-orientated programs
  • Global programs (those that are locally based with global components)
  • Developing academic curricula with global content
  • Visiting scholar activities or programs

Support includes

  • Meetings with CEHD International Initiatives staff with the intent of connecting relevant program needs to college and university-wide or external resources.
  • Up to $10,000 support for travel, external consultant fees, research related expenses, or other relevant program needs. Funding cannot be used to support graduate assistant time.
  • Other supports on an as-needed basis

Application Procedure

Interested individuals, departments, or centers should submit a 1000-word proposal by February 22, 2023 including:

  • Overview of the program
  • Implementation timeline with aims to launch in the year awarded
  • Contribution of program to broader global efforts in CEHD
  • Budget
  • Letter of support from Department Chair or Center Director. For group applications one department chair letter is sufficient, with evidence of other department chair approval.
  • CVs from key implementers

Applications are due at 5PM on February 22, 2023 to CEHD International Initiatives,