Our community

Graduate school is defined by its community. Our collection of students, faculty, and staff are all dedicated to one another, eager to collaborate and support each other. We believe caring for our community means caring for each individual member, for our scholarly identities, and for the cross-pollination of stories, theories, and relationships.

line drawing interpretation of Norhtrup Hall with classical columns and three generic figures standing to the right, one of which is slightly elevated than the other two.
Michelle Brown
The community mentor model of getting to have more than one advisor was really appealing to me. Both my advisors are great, and they really complement each other.

Michelle Brown, Ph.D student
Institute of Child Development

CEHD organizations and opportunities

Student support and wellness

Resources for international students

University-level resources

Office for Diversity in Graduate Education helps future and current students prepare for graduate education, understand financing options, and provides academic support and mentorship.

The Council of Graduate Students (COGS) and the Professional Student Assembly (PSA) are University-level organizations to further graduate and professional student voices and representation beyond their colleges and departments.