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Scholar Spotlight: Centering Race

Tuesday, February 2, 2021, 5 P.M.

Although little may be new with respect to the lived experience of racialized labor for People of Color navigating whiteness and white spaces, until now it has remained largely unnamed and unrecognized. This presentation spotlights the first study of racialized labor in everyday life. Naming the unnamed, the scholars operate within the precipices of intersectionality, where racialized labor is defined as the ongoing process of navigating hostile environments steeped in a white racial frame and includes self-monitoring/self-policing, flexing/making adjustments, questioning, affirming, avoiding, and being the change.

Recommended reading before attending event "The Emergence of Racialized Labor and Racial Battle Fatigue in the African American Student Network (AFAM)

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CEHD America Reads pivots to remote tutoring

child writing with pencil
The CEHD America Reads is now supporting students remotely. [Photo courtesy of CommonBond communities]

Things look a little different this year for the CEHD America Reads tutors and mentors. The program, which is housed in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction’s Minnesota Center for Reading Research, trains college students to mentor K-8 students on their reading skills by partnering with local schools and community organizations.

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