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Adult Education

Learn how adults gain new forms of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values.

Advance Practices in Multilingual Education

This program is designed for teachers of foreign languages and English as a second language looking to master new models and strategies in their practice.

Applied Child and Adolescent Development

hospital, hospitals

Build a foundation in developmental science and specialize in infant and early childhood mental health, child life, or individualized studies. (Online degree).

Applied Psychology in Educational and Community Settings (APECS)

Gain experience working with children and youth in educational settings.

Arts in Education

Learn about the teaching strategies for building knowledge and skills in visual arts, dance, and theatre arts.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Prepare to work with children and youth with autism spectrum disorder by learning methods of assessment, intervention, and treatment evaluation.

Business and Marketing Education

Courses in sales and marketing prepare you for careers in a variety of organizations, from Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial startups to nonprofit management.

Clinical Physiology and Movement Science

Comparative International Development Education

Our students examine educational ideas, practices, and systems through a global lens. We research how cultures, governments, and markets effect our educational philosophies and structures.

Counselor Education

Counsel others throughout the lifespan. Work in schools, colleges, or community organizations, and help people develop personally and socially, in their academic or career pursuits.

Couple and Family Therapy

Become a leader in the field of couple/marriage and family therapy (C/MFT) and work systemically with diverse families and communities locally and internationally.

Culture and Teaching

Investigate critical issues related to equity, democracy and social justice in education. Study a variety of perspectives and methods across broad social, cultural, and political contexts.

Developmental Psychology

Prepare for a career in research. Specialize in an area such as cognitive development, language, learning, executive function, social development, or developmental psychobiology and neuroscience.

* offered through CLA

Disability Policy and Services

This program surveys the spectrum of education, health, and social services available to individuals with disabilities and their families, and the public and private networks of disability services.

Dual Language and Immersion Education

Work effectively in dual language and immersion settings, in programs where the second / foreign / heritage / indigenous language is the vehicle to teach school subjects.

Early Childhood

Prepare to enter a master’s level teaching licensure program for ages birth to 3rd grade, or prepare to work in educational settings where a teaching license is not required.

Early Childhood Education

Study children's development from birth to age eight, a time of rapid development and change. Prepare for a teaching career or careers in social service agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Education Policy and Leadership

Prepare to work to continuously improve educational quality and effectiveness so that young people graduate from secondary education well-prepared to continue their learning and contribute to their communities.

Educational Psychology Research

Gain valuable experience researching how people think, learn, and grow.

Elementary Education

Contribute to the advancement of knowledge so necessary to address the dynamic challenges of contemporary education at the elementary level.

English Education

Prepare for teaching in secondary schools and pursue a career in teaching English language arts. We offer a range of courses in Language, Literature, Writing, and teaching English.

Evaluation Studies

Examine the techniques and process of program evaluation and policy research. Gain qualitative and quantitative methods expertise and useful experiences in the practice of program evaluation and policy studies.

Family and Community Engagement

Deepen your understanding of nonprofit management, community development, program development and evaluation, culturally relevant programming and how families navigate systems such as schools and hospitals.

Family Therapy

Deepen your understanding of counseling practices, family therapy, and working with diverse families and cultures.

Family Social Science

Improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities. Pursue careers in social services and nonprofit organizations, or prepare for graduate work in areas such as school counseling and social work.

Family Violence Prevention

Expand your knowledge of preventing family violence through this minor in the School of Social Work.

Health and Wellness Promotion

This interdisciplinary minor in the School of Kinesiology supports careers in health coaching, community health, personal training, corporate wellness, and allied health careers.

Higher Education

Study the experiences, practices, and decisions of those involved in post-secondary education, as well as on the sociopolitical contexts in which higher education exists.

Human Resource Development

Study the methods and practices for helping employees and organizations develop their skills, knowledge, and abilities.

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

Learn how to support the social and emotional development of young children ages birth to five. (Online programs).

Interpersonal Relationships Research

Build a foundation for conducting research on the impact of interactions between individuals.

K-12 Technology Integration

Use research-backed best practices in using technology and the Internet in the classroom.


Help people live healthier lives. Kinesiology - the study of physical activity and human movement - prepares you for a variety of careers in health science and wellness.

Leadership in Education

Become an educational leader who fosters continuous learning and improvement. Prepare to advance school-wide and district-wide reforms for coherent educational systems and programs.

Learning Technologies

Learn how to use digital and online technology to advance learning, design distance and online courses, incorporate technology into the classroom, and design across media.

Literacy Education

Become a leading scholar in the areas of children's and adolescent literature, critical literacy, English education, reading, and writing.

Master of Learning and Talent Development (MLTD)

This fully online, asynchronous degree program prepares you to lead training and development in organizations, assess when various development strategies are needed, and implement and evaluate solutions for organizational change.

Math Education

Prepare to teach in K-12 schools, with coursework covering research and best practices in math education.

Multilingual Education

Arabic, Chinese, ESL, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Norwegian, Ojibwe, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Prepare to teach, research, and learn the best practices in multilingual education, heritage education, immersion education, and bilingual education to students at all levels of language literacy.

Online Learning

Develop knowledge and skill in best practices for designing and delivering online distance learning.

Parent and Family Education

Prepare to design, deliver, and evaluate educational programs in a variety of settings that support and educate parents and families.

Physical Activity and Health

Learn about the leading-edge research, trends, and practices in physical activity as they relate to health. Discover techniques for implementing programs through population-based physical activity.

Physical Activity and Health Promotion

Physical Activity and Health Promotion explores how individuals and families can increase physical activity and improve healthy lifestyles to help prevent disease and/or the progression of chronic disease.

PK-12 Administrative Licensure

Prepare to be a licensed administrator as a K-12 principal, superintendent, director of special education, or director of community education.

Prevention Science

The scientific study of systematic efforts to reduce the incidence of unhealthy or maladaptive behavior, and to promote health and adaptive behavior in populations across the life span.

Professional Development

Design, implement, and evaluate learning opportunities for PreK-12 educators and related staff.

Program Evaluation

Intensive study of the techniques and process of evaluation and policy research, in addition to the social and political context within which program evaluation occurs.

Psychological Foundations of Education

Study the psychological processes critical to education, focusing on cognitive and social-emotional development, including high-level cognition and factors shaping and enhancing learning throughout the lifespan.

Quantitative Methods in Education

Discover solutions to issues in educational research, assessment, and program evaluation through measurement, evaluation, and statistics.

Racial Justice in Urban Schooling

race, language, social class, gender, sexual orientation, LGBT

Deepen your understanding of the intersections of race, social class, language status, gender or sexual orientation, and how those impact educational equity and social justice.


Further your knowledge in sales education while developing practical skills for sales training. Open to all undergraduates.

School Psychology

Through work in schools settings or research, help students succeed academically, socially, emotionally, and behaviorally.

Science Education

Earn a license to teach high-school chemistry, earth and space science, life science, and/or physics. Students can also add a Grades 5-8 license in general science.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education

Become an expert in STEM Education, the integration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.

Social Justice

Examine how to create socially just communities through this minor in the School of Social Work.

Social Studies Education

Develop research-based knowledge for teaching social studies, with emphases on political socialization, political tolerance, authentic assessment, citizenship and civics education, and democratic thought.

Social Work

Advanced social work practice and leadership, with focus areas of Clinical Mental Health, Community Practice, Families and Children, and Health, Disability and Aging.

Special Education

Prepare to teach students with mild-moderate disabilities in grade K through age 21. Improve outcomes for individuals who require specialized support to achieve success throughout their lifespan.

Sports Coaching

If you're interested in pursuing sport management or teacher licensure, this certificate gives you a foundation for developing your coaching skills.

Sport Management

Combine theoretical instruction and practical experience to prepare for leadership success in the sports industry and marketplace.

Sport and Exercise Science

Health-related advanced study with focus tracks in Sport Performance, Athletic Training, and Health Promotion.

Talent Development and Gifted Education

Develop, implement, and supervise programs to teach gifted and talented students in K-12, postsecondary schools and other settings.

Teaching English as Second Language

Prepare to teach English abroad or at community programs in the U.S. to speakers of other languages.

Teaching Writing and Critical Literacy

Gain strategies for teaching the writing process to English-language learners and diverse populations while incorporating reading and writing across the curriculum.

Youth Development Leadership

Work with and on behalf of youth, creating space for what’s possible with a grounding in current research as well as hands-on learning.

Youth Studies

Make a difference in young people's lives. Prepare for careers working with youth in a variety of settings or pursue graduate work in social work, education, or public policy.