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Boilerplate language for proposals

The following four statements are included in a Microsoft Word document, available for CEHD researchers to use:

  • General University of Minnesota information
  • University of Minnesota’s Investment in Research
  • University of Minnesota’s Economic Impact
  • Commercialization of University Research

CEHD's institutional commitment to research

The College of Education and Human Development (CEHD), named the #1 public college of education in the world by the Academic Rankings of World Universities 2017 report, promotes and sustains an active research environment. CEHD comprises seven academic departments, three college-wide research centers and more than a dozen departmental centers in the curricular, organizational, and research aspects of education and human development. During the 2016-17 academic year, CEHD enrolled over 5,587 students and granted over 1,600 degrees. In addition, 466 students completed postbaccalaureate teacher licensure. The college is home to over 180 faculty members and 16 endowed chairs and professorships. CEHD is globally diverse, with students from 51 different countries.

CEHD faculty and professional staff are active researchers, with 260 professionals directly involved in research. In 2016-17, the college's sponsored expenditures topped $42.9 million, a 58% increase over 2008-09. Collegiate investment in research takes several forms, including pre-award proposal development assistance, post-award sponsored project management, training in responsible conduct of research, internal seed funding awards, and support for strategic research initiatives. CEHD’s Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement supports researchers in study design, statistical modeling, and statistical analysis. Departments and centers regularly host research lectures and symposia, as well as offering opportunities for collaborative work.

Library of funded proposals

The Office of Research and Policy maintains a library of funded research proposals for the use of CEHD researchers preparing proposals to similar programs. If you are interested in accessing one of these proposals, please contact your grant coordinator. Please keep in mind that these proposals are shared with the intent of assisting researchers within the college, and should not be duplicated or shared outside of CEHD. Abstract, narrative, and human subjects information are available for the following proposals:


  • 84.305A Education Research, Efficacy and Sustainability (Goal 3), September 2010
  • 84.324A Special Education Research, June 2010
  • 84.324A Special Education Research (Goal 2), 2012
  • 84.305A Education Technology (Goal 2), 2013
  • 84.305A Early Learning Programs & Policy (Goal 5), 2015 (two proposals)
  • Available upon request from PI:
    • 84.305A Reading & Writing (Goal 5), 2011
    • 84.324A Reading, Writing, & Language Development (Goal 5), 2012
    • 84.327S Educational Technology, Media, and Materials for Individuals with Disabilities Program (2014)


  • R01 NICHD, March 2009
  • 93-701 AARA Challenge, April 2009
  • R21, December 2007
  • R01, 2013


  • 07-543 CCLI, January 2008
  • 09-529 CCLI, May 2009
  • 10-615 PRIME, January 2011
  • 10-544 TUES, 2011
  • 12-508 PRIME, 2012
  • 13-515 PRIME, 2013

Other federal

  • USDE OSERS: 84.327A Steppingstones, January 2008
  • USDE OSERS: 84.325K Training Grant, 2012


  • Kellogg Foundation LOI, June 2003
  • McKnight Foundation LOI, August 2004
  • Spencer Foundation LOI, 2013