Workshop 2 | Co-Teaching Pairs

This is a second online workshop of the Mentoring Teacher Candidates Using Co-Teaching online workshop. It was designed to support co-teaching pairs of cooperating teachers (CT) and teacher candidates (TC) during co-teaching in student teaching placements.

This online workshop is to be completed by the co-teaching pair (a cooperating teacher and a teacher candidate), at the same time over a virtual meeting or in person, within the first two weeks of a student teaching placement. As a new co-teaching pair, you will be provided with 90 minutes of engaging activities focusing on:

  • reviewing of the co-teaching model and how it differs from traditional model
  • selecting and implementing co-teaching strategies
  • identifying roles of co-teaching triad members
  • relationship building, collaboration and communication
  • implementing co-planning strategies

The cooperating teacher and teacher candidate must plan for 2-2.5 hours to work together through the exercises and activities. Upon completion of this workshop activities, participants will be able to submit a short reflection form and claim  their CEU certificates (2 units).

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This online workshop was developed, with permission from Drs. Bacharach and Washut Heck, as an alternative format for University of Minnesota-Twin Cities’ school partners seeking co-teaching professional development online.

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