School placements and partnerships

To close opportunity gaps, the University and school districts partner to recruit, prepare, mentor, and support future teachers and students.

Partnerships are mutually beneficial. The University and school partners collaborate to prepare and support high quality teachers. The University intentionally places and supports student teacher candidates who add value to improve student learning and engagement.

We value the strength of master teachers and leaders in our partner districts. They help us by sharing expertise and mentoring future teachers. By working together, we will close gaps for students.

Teacher pointing to overhead projector screen.
Emily Lilja Palmer
We are committed to our partnership with the U of M because our teachers learn from collaborating with the future teachers!
This is a great model of teacher preparation and ongoing development.

Dr. Emily Lilja Palmer
Principal, Washburn High School, Minneapolis Public Schools

School partner network

The network provides a shared space where all school-based and University-based educators focus on:

  • improving P-12 student learning and engagement
  • mentoring new teachers into the profession
  • connecting initiatives and resources
  • engaging in joint continuous improvement

Partner school districts and university faculty collaborate in events, site meetings, curriculum teams, and professional development as part of the Teacher Education Redesign Initiative (TERI) sponsored by the Archibald Bush Foundation.

Potential partners are identified in consultation with district leadership, school site administration, teachers, University faculty and staff based on these commitments:

  • Putting P-12 students first
  • Engaging in co-teaching
  • Sustaining strong principals in schools
  • Dedicating space, time, personnel and resources
  • Supporting communities of learners

Current partner districts

We welcome conversations with district and school leaders. Email Kelly Meyer, coordinator of the School Partnership Network, at for more information.

Multiple Pathways to Teaching

MPT works with local school partners and organizations to tailor curriculum delivery and identify promising candidates, many of whom already have extensive experience working in the schools and often in high needs areas. Many candidates are in district positions while working towards their licensure and master's degree coursework.

Together with CEHD’s commitment to educating the next generation of teachers, MPT is helping to overcome predicted teacher shortages while diversifying the teacher workforce. Learn more about our programs.

Placements and partnerships team

Kathy Byrn

Kathy Byrn
Clinical Partnerships Coordinator, Elementary & Early Childhood

Supports clinical partnerships and co-teaching placements for elementary education and early childhood education.

Amy Jo Lundell

Amy Jo Lundell
Clinical Partnerships Coordinator, Secondary and K-12

Finalizes and tracks clinical/co-teaching placements across the university. Answers questions about clinical placements in partner districts, surveys cooperating teachers and coordinates payment of stipends. Manages the co-teaching professional development for cooperating teachers in partner districts.

Kelly Meyer

Kelly Meyer
School Partner Network Coordinator

Coordinates innovative partnership development projects across partner districts and school sites. Leads the professional development planning and coordinates preparation for clinical supervisors working with network schools.

Charissa O'Neill
Field Placement Coordinator, Dept of Educational Psychology

Collaborate with partner schools on practicum/student teaching placements for special education teacher licensure programs.