Undergraduate scholarships

CEHD supports current undergraduate students through the general scholarships listed below, study abroad scholarships, and internship grants.

Below are CEHD's general scholarships and application instructions; by completing the application below, you will be considered for all scholarships for which you are eligible. Family Social Science scholarships are also awarded through this general process.

Some CEHD departments run separate departmental scholarship processes. You are encouraged to check with the department for applications processes and deadlines.

There are a number of checkbox questions in the application that will help us match you to specific-criteria for certain scholarships. Please note that there are plenty of scholarships that do not have such specific matching criteria, so do not be discouraged if none of the checkboxes apply to you!

How to apply for general scholarships

The deadline to apply for CEHD scholarships for the 24-25 academic year is March 3, 2024 at midnight.

  1. Prepare in advance a double-spaced statement no longer than two pages, responding to the following questions (with your full name on the upper right corner of page 1 and page 2).
    : Please save the document as a PDF or Word document (.doc or docx). Name the document with your name in this order: "Last Name-First Name-Statement." You will upload this into the application.
    • What inspired you to choose your educational and professional areas of interest?
    • Looking ahead 10 years, how do you envision contributing to our increasingly diverse and global community as a professional and as a citizen?
  2. Apply online
Did you know facts Did you know Did you know CEHD has scholarships ranging from$1,000-$10,000 for tuition, study abroadand unpaid internships.

General scholarships

Beverly Busta Memorial Scholarship (Family Social Science)

  • One $4,500 award
  • Family Social Science students doing applied research.

Beverly Dumas Scholarship

  • Up to two $2,000 awards, depending on availability of funds.
  • Support for undergraduate students who are studying Youth Studies in the School of Social Work, or intend to pursue a career in Social Work.

Colleen Drackley Jolly Scholarship (Family Social Science)

  • Two scholarships at $2,500 each
  • Preference for current first- or second-year students.

Duane & Lily Christ Hi Tech Prep Math Scholarship

  • Two-three scholarships, up to $2,000 award
  • Student is challenged by required mathematics courses or is interested in taking more math classes beyond requirements for the CEHD major.

ECCO Energize Scholarship

  • One $1,500 award
  • Preference for those demonstrating financial need
  • First generation college students

Family Social Science Future Scholar Fund

  • One $1,250 award
  • Family Social Science student with sophomore or junior status.
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Will make a significant contribution to the field.

The Fibiger Award (Family Social Science)

  • One award, $1,500
  • Upper division Family Social Science student

Gamma Omicron Beta Scholarship (Family Social Science)

  • One $2,400 award
  • Family Social Science student
  • Preference for recent transfer to Family Social Science major

Judith Schuck Endowed Scholarship

  • One $2,000 award
  • Support for those going into teaching
  • Preference for those interested in urban education

Larry Wilson Scholarship

  • One $2,000 award
  • Given through the CEHD Alumni Society.
  • Support for students planning a career in non-school-based education, such as those intending to become a trainer.

Lavonne Evans Family Memorial Scholarship (Early Childhood)

  • One $1,750 award
  • Major in Early Childhood, intending to teach

Louellen Essex Scholarship

  • One at $1,000
  • Financial need and academic merit
  • First-generation college students

Lu Mong Chi Memorial Scholarship (Social Work, Youth Studies)

  • Two $2,000 awards
  • Student has strong interest or connection in Southeast Asian culture and history
  • First-generation college students

Marx Sloane Scholarship

  • One $1,250 award
  • Academic accomplishment and financial need.

Mellgren Turner Scholarship (Youth Studies)

  • One-two $2,000 awards
  • Youth Studies student
  • Financial need and academic merit

Mildred & Russell Gute Scholarship (Family Social Science)

  • One-two $2,000 awards
  • Family Social Science student

Morse Scholarship

  • One $2,000 award
  • Student is in the PES or TRIO program and has achieved the Dean's List twice in a row in their first year.

Alicia King Moormann Undergraduate Scholarship

  • One at $2,500
  • Student demonstrating strong interest in teaching
  • Preference for those from underrepresented groups demonstrating financial need

Dr. James and Nancy Patka Family Future Teacher Scholarship

  • One at $2,500
  • Student enrolled in teacher preparation program

Pavlowski Honorary Scholarship

  • One $2,000 award
  • Support for undergraduate students who are studying Youth Studies in the School of Social Work.
  • Named in honor of long-time University of Minnesota student advisor and advocate Cindy Pavlowski, whose final years were spent working with students in the School of Social Work.

Promise of Tomorrow Scholarship

  • Up to two $3,000 awards. Up to 2 scholarships can be awarded, depending on availability of funds.
  • Support for undergraduate students who are recent transfers to CEHD or who will be transferring to CEHD for 2024-25 are eligible.

Pat & Molly Sloan Scholarship

  • One $2,000 award
  • Elementary Education Foundations major
  • Financial need and academic merit

Quinley & Terry Free Family Scholarship

  • One award of $3,000
  • Sophomore or Junior status
  • Financial need and academic merit
  • Preference given to students from Duluth, Minnesota

Rodney Wallace Endowment in Education

  • Two awards of $2,500
  • Preference for Native American students from Minnesota or other disadvantaged students

Young Family Fund

  • One at $2,000
  • Support students who are recent immigrants, refugees or asylees if possible
  • Preference for students who are transfer students to CEHD