Study and research abroad

Transform yourself and your future.

Time abroad is more than just travel. Experiencing a new culture first-hand will expand and deepen how you think about the world, and yourself.

In addition to fostering in-demand "soft skills" like empathy and cross-cultural communication, study abroad has been shown to contribute to better grades and on-time graduation.

CEHD has study abroad scholarships for undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in a CEHD degree-seeking program and participating in an approved University of Minnesota study-abroad program. Students may also receive scholarships from the University Learning Abroad Center and are encouraged to apply for both.

Did you know facts Did you know Did you know Your financial aid may transferto a study abroad program.Over 275 scholarshipsare available, ranging from $750 to over $10,000.

Upcoming destinations - May and Summer 2020

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Chinese temple

International Studies in Kinesiology: Martial Arts and Medicine: Traditions in China

Instructor: Zan Gao, PhD

Beijing is an ever-changing megacity rich in history but also truly modern, exemplified in its extraordinary global influence in politics, business, education, history, culture, and sports. We will learn acupuncture, herbal treatments in medicine, massage, sports rehabilitation, tai chi, martial arts, calligraphy, injury prevention, and much more.

South Korean lanterns

Taste of South Korea: Culture, Language, and Education

Instructor: Marina Aleixo, PhD

This course takes a systematic look at different aspects of the Korean culture, language, and educational system. The course will examine the historical background of Korea, its international status, and current social, political and educational policies.

Italian city buildings

Great Minds of the Renaissance; Italy

Instructor: Laura Coffin Koch, PhD

The Great Minds of the Renaissance course focuses on the development of scientific thought and the great minds behind those ideas; it delves into the intersection of scientific ideas with art, culture, religion, politics, etc. In doing so, it also covers a wide range of general or liberal education objectives.

Research abroad

Our departments maintain partnerships with organizations and institutions abroad, and many of our faculty are active in international research.

Many undergraduate study abroad programs include research opportunities and are eligible for the Learning Abroad Center's research scholarship.

Before leaving for Puerto Rico, our instructor encouraged building community among each other in the group and I am glad we did because that is the way of the island. Despite the socioeconomic reality for many of the communities we visited, there were always people outside, sharing a meal, enjoying the beach, and just having a strong gratitude for living life surrounded by loved ones.

- Chloe Villegas, study abroad student

Study abroad student