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CEHD Global Signature Grant

Call for Proposals

The CEHD Global Signature Grant is awarded to a faculty, P&A staff, department, or center that proposes program initiatives that demonstrate the college’s commitment to global engagement. Individual or group projects are considered, with priority given to projects that are interdisciplinary. CEHD Global Signature Grant projects are exemplars of institutionalized internationalization and global commitments in CEHD. They demonstrate our college’s strength through globally-focused, mission-driven activities.

The purpose of this grant program is to support the creation of an institutional culture of global engagement in CEHD. By supporting projects in this process, we seek to institutionalize our global focus, creating opportunities to integrate chosen activities into their core functions and support projects that need extra funding to begin, continue, or complete their activities. Projects that are interdisciplinary and integrate individuals from multiple centers or departments may have higher potential for sustainability than those that depend on individuals, therefore these would be given priority. We consider interdisciplinary to be both within the college or with partners outside the college. For the purpose of this grant attending an international conference is not considered an eligible project. View examples of past recipients and their projects. Please contact Marina Aleixo,, for additional information on how to apply.

CEHD International Speaker Series: 2020-21

Have you thought about applying your disciplinary training to the needs of organizations and companies that offer contractual short/long term opportunities abroad? Specifically, opportunities that allow you to apply your skills while engaging in intercultural exchanges and experiences with folks from other cultures. Whether you answer yes or no, this International Speaker Series is for you!

Many assume that the only route from the local to abroad is through teaching English or participating in programs such as Peace Corps or study abroad. In this online International Speaker Series, Tiffany Lachelle Smith and Carl Hill will share how they internationalized their domestic careers as educators while providing introductory tips and resources that will assist you on your journey to taking your career abroad. They will begin the session by illustrating their career timelines and steps they took to internationalize their disciplinary training in education. After, they will discuss the gaps they identified in the international market that propelled their aspirations to provide resources for aspiring international professionals. They will conclude by providing resources to begin your journey of searching for opportunities abroad. An interactive Q&A session will finalize the session.

Tiffany Smith, is host and producer of (A)Broad in Education, a podcast on a mission to (dis)cover routes (roots) through conscious conversations about EDParts. EDParts, a term she created, to describe expatriates working in education outside of their home countries. With over a decade of domestic and international teaching experiences, Tiffany has had the opportunity to teach in Casablanca, Morocco and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Her scholarship focuses on teacher attrition through African American educators who left the US PK-12 system for teaching opportunities in the UAE. The work is centered on identifying, addressing, and providing solutions for teacher retention and restoration.

Carl Junior, is the founder and host of The Black Expat Podcast Network. He has spent more than a decade traveling, living, and working abroad. During Carl’s ten years living in Taiwan, he has served as a teacher and director at 2 private local high schools and founded a clack travel company, CP TRAvels. He is the author of The Unexpected Perspective and co-owner of the first and only 100% black owned bar on the island of Taiwan called Arts & Crafts. Carl has traveled 50 countries worldwide; he hopes to “provide current and future expats with the tools they need to thrive in their experiences abroad.”

Internationalizing Your Domestic Career: A Session on International Career Advice

September 23, 2021
12PM – 1:30PM
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Mary Tjosvold Fellowship 2020: Thailand

The Mary Tjovold ("Mary T.") Scholars program is one of the few study abroad programs at the University of Minnesota that provides graduate students an opportunity to engage in graduate-level professional development through community-based work in a foreign country. With airfare and most living expenses included in the program, this is not only a unique opportunity to build cultural awareness, but one of the most affordable opportunities for graduate student participation.

All CEHD graduate students are eligible to apply for this program. Learn more about the program, and the 2020 work in Chiang Khong, Thailand.

CEHD students in Thailand
Crystal Lee, PhD student in OLPD in the Higher Education program. Lisa Thao, Master of Social Work


We partner with institutions from across the globe in exchanges, teaching, and research. See some of our program partnerships.

If you're interested in a partnership between your institution and CEHD, contact Marina Alexio at

Global Teacher Education Program

Our Global Teacher Education Program (GTEP) is a professional development program for educators. This intensive program provides participants the opportunity to learn about innovative teaching strategies and assessments used in U.S. schools, develop further their English language proficiency, and engage in experiential learning through classroom observations and school internships.

Learn more about GTEP

Visiting scholars

Scholars from around the world join our college community each year to further our research and teaching. Read profiles of our 2019-2020 scholars.

Each of our departments has its own policies and procedures for working with international scholars. If you're interested in being a visiting scholar, please contact the department directly.

Global fellowships

CEHD's global fellowships include support for faculty applying to the Fulbright Scholar Program, the JRM Graduate Fellowship in Community Development, and the Mary Tjosvold Fellowship.

About us

Marina Aleixo headshot

Marina Aleixo


Marina B. Aleixo is Program Director of International Initiatives and Relations at the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) at the University of Minnesota. Her work involves developing and negotiating global partnerships on behalf of CEHD with institutions from around the world. As program director, her focus is on developing new opportunities for international collaboration, research, and worldwide partnerships, particularly in the area of teacher and faculty education and training. Dr. Aleixo also leads the Global Teacher Education Program (GTEP) initiative, a short-term professional development program designed for international educators.

Dr. Aleixo’s research and scholarship explores the experiences of immigrant students and families. Currently she is involved in two international research projects. Multi-national Exploration of the School Experience of Somali Immigrant and Refugee Students examines the experience of Somali youth in Sweden, Netherlands, and England. The study explores how immigration policies in each country impact these school experiences. Supporting Refugees through Family Separation: Ambiguous Loss for Cambodian American Minnesotans documents the experience of recently deported Cambodian refugees in Cambodia, and their families left behind in Minnesota. Domestically, Dr. Aleixo has been involved in a collaborative multi-institutional research study that documents the college experiences of immigrant students.

Dr. Aleixo teaches courses that explore immigration policy and its impact on student school and community experiences. Her course, Borderland, Education Policy, and the Immigrant Student Experience examines the historical marginalization of immigrant and underrepresented students and families in the US educational system. This spring semester course also includes a one-week experience over spring break to Tucson, Arizona where students work with organizations that support migrants during the border crossing process. Dr. Aleixo also teaches Taste of South Korea: Culture, Language, and Education, a comparative international education course that evaluates and compares current US and Korean educational systems. The course also explores the historical background of Korean education, and its impact on current social, political and educational policies.

  • CI 5150 Borderland, Education Policy, and the Immigrant Student Experience
  • EDHD 3100/5100 Taste of South Korea: Culture, Language, and Education

Selected Publications

Stebleton, M. & Aleixo, M. (2016). Black African Immigrant College Students' Perceptions of Belonging at a Predominately White Institution (PWI). Journal of The First-Year Experience & Students in Transition.

Stebleton, M. & Aleixo, M. (2015). Examining undocumented Latino/a student interactions with faculty and institutional agents. Journal of Hispanic Higher Education, 1-18.

Aleixo, M., Hansen, S., Horii, S. & Un, S. (2014). Theory ain’t practice: Four novice researchers navigate dilemmas of representation within immigrant populations. Diaspora, Indigenous and Minority Education, 8, 32-43.