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We advance research, teaching, and community engagement to increase opportunities for all individuals to have a successful start in life and to foster healthy human development, and will provide programs that meet the demands of the 21st century.

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Interpreting images of brain and neural system activity in connection to development and learning.


Examining and addressing complex questions about how the nervous system and brain link to human behavior and development.

Opportunity Gap

Studying educational outcomes and disparities to improve how we reduce gaps, and improve equity and academic performance.

Organizational Systems

Examining how organizations are formed and change, and how people work with and within them.


Understanding and guiding individual and societal involvement in the care for and raising of children.

Physical Activity

Investigating and exploring the contribution of physical activity to overall health and wellness.

Physical Disability

Severe orthopedic impairments that affect how people interact with their environment.


Studying the legal, regulatory, and enforcement practices broadly across education and human development.

Problem Solving

Analyzing problem solving methods, strategies, and skills in the context of cognitive development and learning.

Psychological Stress

Studying the positive and negative effects of stress on the physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing of people.


Analyzing and studying mental disorders, and their effects on development and relationships.

Qualitative Research Methods

Research methods focusing on how and why decisions are made, often collected as word data.

Quantitative Research Methods

Research methods focusing on empirical investigation and measurement, often collected as numerical data.

Retention / Dropout Prevention

Analyzing the factors that contribute to student persistence and designing programs to support success and degree completion.

School Psychology

Researching the practice of and preparing school psychologists.

Science Education

Promoting research and practice for science educators, with a focus on chemistry, earth science, life science, and physics.

Seniors / Aging / Gerontology

Examining the life stage of people over 65 years of age.

Social Development

Researching and analyzing how children form relationships, navigate conflict, and understand themselves within a community.

Social Services

Researching how public services are provided to create more effective organizations and communities, and promote equality.

Social Studies Education

Preparing educators to teach a range of social studies topics (such as anthropology, geography, history, and political science).

Social Work

Advancing research for the welfare of society through social justice, diversity, human rights, and collective responsibility.

Special Education

Researching teacher education, leadership, and policy to uplift individuals needing specialized support for success.

Specific Cultures (African American)

Understanding and collaborating with people who have heritage in the African American and Black communities.

Specific Cultures (Native American)

Understanding and collaborating with people who have heritage in the Native and Indigenous communities.

Specific Cultures (Southeast Asian)

Understanding and collaborating with people who have heritage in communities connected to Southeast Asia.


Exploring the developmental, organizational, and societal impacts of organized physical activity and games.

Sport and Exercise Psychology

Supporting athlete mental health and researching the psychological effects of participation in sports and exercise.

Statistics Education

Preparing educators to teach statistics, involving the collection, analysis, understanding, and presentation of data.

STEM Integration

Increasing student exposure to and integration of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields in the classroom.

Student Achievement

Researching theory and methods for assessing how students progress in learning.