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We advance research, teaching, and community engagement to increase opportunities for all individuals to have a successful start in life and to foster healthy human development, and will provide programs that meet the demands of the 21st century.

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Student Development

Exploring post-secondary student learning by addressing individual learning needs, student responsibility, and environments.

Student Engagement

Understanding and promoting meaningful participation and involvement of students in their schools and learning environments.

Substance Abuse

Researching the effects of drug abuse, dependency, addiction, and recovery on individuals, families, and organizations.

Systems Change

Studying initiators, motives, timing, and outcomes of institutional and cultural change efforts.

Teacher Education

Researching and developing the best methods for preparing current and future educators.

Urban Environments

Investigating the impacts of life and conditions in cities and towns on development, relationships, and education.

Workforce Development

Studying and developing methods for environmental and structural changes that meet worker needs and promote equity.