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First-year admissions

First-year admissions are handled
through the University Admissions Office.

Graduate studies

College and department level support for you.
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Transfer admissions

We are here to help you transfer to CEHD. | 612-625-3339

Student services

We have several support resources to help you. | 612-625-3339

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Teacher education

We want you to succeed from your first day in the classroom. | 612-625-5060
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TRIO student support services

We strive to ensure access and equal opportunity education.
TRIO student support services staff

Administrative contacts for staff

Academic and Information Technology Services

David Ernst, Senior Director | 612-624-2760 | 330 Wulling Hall

Barry Stehlik, Executive Office and Administrative Specialist | 612-626-2462 | 330 Wulling Hall

Academic technology support:

Administrative technology support: CEHD help form

Communications and Marketing

Dirk Tedmon, Director | 612-626-8453

Website support:

Educational Technology Innovations


Amy Pavlick, Events Coordinator

External Relations

Susan Oswald Holter, Chief Development Officer | 612-625-1757 | 105 Burton Hall

Nina Brown, Assistant to Chief Development Officer (calendar) | 612-625-1310

Development Office Directory

Facilities and Space Planning

Sherri Boone, Director of Facilities and Space Planning
Tel: 612-624-4940 | Fax: 612-624-7332 | 137 Burton Hall

Financial Services

Keith Carlson, Finance Director
Tel: 612-624-0272 | Fax: 612-624-7332 | 144 Burton Hall

Graduate Education

Tabitha Grier-Reed, Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Faculty Development | 612-626-8271 | Burton Hall

Schee Moua, Director of Graduate Education | 612-626-7356

Graduate Education Directory

Human Resources

Mani Vang, Human Resources Director

International Initiatives

Marina Aleixo, Director
Tel: 612-624-9671 | Fax: 612-626-7496 | 139C Burton Hall

International Initiatives Directory

Multiple Pathways to Teaching

Laura Mogelson, Director | 612-301-1579 | 210E Wulling Hall

Office of Research and Policy

Frank Symons, Associate Dean for Research and Policy | 612-626-8697 | 105B Burton Hall

Ellen Freeman, Associate Director | 612-625-2708

Danielle Dupuis, Research Methodology Consulting Center Director | 612-626-7896

Office of Research and Policy Directory

Student Services

Amy Kampsen, Director of Student Services | 612-624-4899 | 360 Educational Sciences Building

Undergraduate Advising

Office of Teacher Education

Stacy Ernst, Director
Tel: 612-625-5060 | Fax: 612-626-6765 | 110 Wulling Hall

Office of Teacher Education Directory


Minerva Muñoz, Director of TRIO Student Support Services | Tel: 612-625-0772 | 40 Educational Sciences Building

Anthony Albecker, Director of TRIO McNair Scholars | Tel: 612-625-8303 | 40 Educational Sciences Building

Tricia Wilkinson, Director of TRIO Upward Bound | Tel: 612-625-3369 | 40 Educational Sciences Building

Undergraduate Education

Nicola Alexander, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, Diversity, and International Initiatives | 612-624-1507 | Burton Hall

Nicole Shopbell, Director of Undergraduate Education | 612-626-0398

Undergraduate Education Directory

Affiliated faculty

Irene Duranczyk, Associate professor | 612-626-4421

Jay Hatch, Associate professor | 612-625-9346