2021 CEHD Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Distinguished Alumni

Marion Barber, Jr.
BA, youth studies, 2017

Strong role model throughout a distinguished athletic career and in educating and coaching future generations of young people.

Jerry Becker
BS, education, 1959

Nationally recognized for scholarship, mentorship, and teaching of mathematics education and a commitment to advancing the field through teacher preparation.

Theresa Ganley
BS, physical education, 1979

History-maker with an exceptional athletic record and a coaching career that focused on the life and growth of student athletes.

Bryan Jackson
BS, elementary education, 2002

Driver of equity and anti-racism through organizational growth, partnerships, and coaching.

Peter Kuchinke
PhD, work, family, and community education, 1997

Providing outstanding contributions to the field of human resource development with a demonstrated excellence in teaching.

Michael Lehan
BS, family social science, 2003

Inspirational builder of agency among his community of scholars to advance access and opportunity while cultivating social resilience and academic excellence.

Larry Lundblad
PhD, vocational education, 1994

Transformational higher education administrator with a distinguished career in public service to the state of Minnesota.

Regina McNeil
PhD, educational psychology, 1984

Empowering students with disabilities and mental health issues and their families, as well as promoting equity in schools.

Dolores Merrill
BS, mathematics, 1952

Technology pioneer as a programmer and trainer at IBM for more than three decades.

Ryan Saunders
BS, sports studies, 2008

Innovator in player development of athletes at the highest level both on and off the court.

Natalie Standridge
BS, family social science, 1999

Founder of Casa de Corazón, committed to teaching social responsibility in addition to Spanish immersion and multicultural education.

Susan Stanek
BS, family relationships, 1978
PhD, vocational education, 1997

Accomplishments in leadership development and the design and implementation of corporate mentorship programs

Nim Tottenham
PhD, child/developmental psychology, 2005

Cutting-edge research into the neurodevelopment of children and adolescents to better understand the role of early experiences in human brain development.

Kathryn Tout
PhD, child/developmental psychology, 1997

Commitment to early childhood education research and partnerships that build equitable experiences and outcomes for young children and their families.

Steven Unowsky
MA, educational psychology, 1997

Change leader whose vision and dedication closed the student graduation gap in the Richfield School District.

Corey Yeager
PhD, family social science, 2018

Facilitating meaningful change through therapeutic practice, education of service providers, and courageous conversations about race.

Alumni Society Award of Excellence

Juliana Carlson
PhD, social work, 2013

Dedication to ending gender-based violence through scholarship and community engagement focused on men.

K. Giddings
MSW, social work, 2004

Empowering students with disabilities and mental health issues and their families, as well as promoting equity in schools.