Your resume and curriculum vitae (CV) are documents that communicate your relevant experiences, skills and strengths. Some people have more than one version of their resume to highlight experiences for different types of opportunities. 

Career Materials: Sample Resume| Curriculum Vitae (CV) | Cover Letters | Professional Portfolios | Social Media Portfolios

In the United States, you might use a resume:

  • To apply for internships and jobs
  • As part of graduate school applications (or CV)
  • To apply for scholarships and grants (or CV)
  • As an introduction to networking connections

Think of your resume or CV as living documents that are continually updated as you gain experiences or choose to look for different types of opportunities. Each version of your resume should reflect your personal brand or professional identity.

A resume is NOT:

  • A static document
  • Your biography or personal diary
  • A generic list of past jobs and extracurricular activities

The components essential to any strong resume are 1) a format and visual appeal that is easy to read and represents you well, and 2) having appropriate sections that highlight your experiences and qualifications. Use the resources below to support writing your resume, cover letter, CV and professional portfolio. 

Support for writing your resume

You do not have to create your resume by yourself. The CEHD Career Team has events and materials for you to access anytime you revise your resume. 

Additional resources

Sample resumes

Review your resume/CV & cover letter

Before you send your resume to an employer or your contacts, have your advisor, mentor or career coach look for typos and help you highlight your strengths as clearly as possible.

To meet with a Career Coach, CEHD students and recent graduates can:

  1. Create a draft of your resume or CV.
    1. Review our Fundamentals of Resume Writing Guide (PDF | Google doc}, CV writing and cover letter resources.
    2. And/or attend a monthly Rev Up Your Resume workshop during drop-in times.
  2. Bring your resume/CV to a career coaching appointment or a weekly drop-in session for tailored support or review.