Alumni Society Board

The CEHD Alumni Society Board is made up of volunteers who create lifelong connections with alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of the college; enhance the student experience and advocate for the college and University.


  • Marvin Banks, (MEd 2012, applied Kinesiology), president
  • Ellen Doering, (MSW 2017, Social Work), co-secretary
  • Anna Lifson, (MSW 2017, Social Work), vice president
  • Alexis Venne, (BS 2019 foundations of early childhood education, Institute of Child Development), co-secretary
  • Jenny Wright Collins, (MA 2010, youth leadership development, Social Work), executive committee, UMAA Collegiate Council representative

Faculty representative


Student representatives

  • Yiting Li: final-year PhD student in Family Social Science and current Treasurer of GradSEHD.
  • Annie Rieke: junior majoring in Elementary Education and current Co-President of CEHD Undergraduate Student Board.
  • Gunnar Berg: senior majoring in Sports Management and current Treasurer of CEHD Undergraduate Student Board.

Board members

  • Mary Branca Rosenow, (MEd 1985, elementary education, Curriculum & Instruction)
  • Erik Dussault, (MEd 2007, youth development leadership, Social Work, BS 1998, recreation park & leisure studies, Kinesiology)
  • Lekie Dwanyen, (BS 2014, Family Social Science)
  • Meredith McQuaid, (MEd 2015, applied Kinesiology)
  • Jenna Mitchler, (PhD 2015, Curriculum & Instruction)
  • Shawna Monson, (MEd 2008, learning technologies, Curriculum & Instruction, BS 2004, human resource development, Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development)
  • Jónína Ólafsdóttir Kárdal, (MA Educational Psychology)
  • Sheila Piippo, (MEd 2004, Educational Psychology)
  • Marcus Pope, (MEd 2006, youth development leadership, Social Work)
  • Allen Shen, (BS 2011, business marketing & education, Organizational Leadership Policy & Development)
  • LaTasha Shevlin, (MEd 2013, family education, Family Social Science; BS 2008, HRD Certification)
  • Jill Stein Lipset, (MEd 2013, youth development leadership, Social Work)
  • Tessa Tangney, (BS 2017, sport management, Kinesiology)
  • Kablia Thao, (MEd 2016, adult education, Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development; Adult Education Cetification 2017, Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development)