Message from the Alumni Society President

Marvin Banks, CEHD Alumni Society President


We made it through the tough times of 2020, and have entered 2021 with new hope and appreciation of life. As I go through any tough time, I look at the situation as an opportunity to learn and develop. A question I would like for you to think about after more than a year within the pandemic: What did I learn from this past year that I did not know about myself?

For me, it is the ability to find peace during chaos and how I learned to fi nd my “happy place.” There are a lot of things that I am grateful for and identifying opportunities to learn how to fi nd peace has been benefi cial. In the springtime, I started to reminisce about my last year as a student on campus and worried about uncertainties. “Did I do enough to fi nd a career in the fi eld that I am passionate about? Should I have declared a different major? Do I want to continue in my education?” All valid questions, but just like the unknowns of 2020, you must fi nd that “happy place” and think about what you learned during your collegiate career. Congratulations to our new graduates, this is a huge accomplishment. As you make the transition into the workforce, fi nd that peace and everything will work itself out.

Please enjoy the sun as summer is around the corner. Stay safe and we will talk soon.


Marvin Banks, MEd 2012
CEHD Alumni Society President