Message from the Alumni Society President

Marvin Banks, CEHD Alumni Society President

As I think about becoming the new Alumni Society Board president, the word that comes to mind is gratefulness. It is such an honor to have the opportunity to learn from great leaders, like dean Jean Quam and senior alumni relations officer Serena Wright, and I am thrilled to lead the Alumni Society into our next exciting year. Stepping into this role is no easy task, but together with everyone connected to CEHD, we know we can take the college forward.

This past year, our board saw a lot of significant accomplishments on several levels. The board was able to raise scholarship funds from Minnesota Give to the Max Day, connect students with leaders for career guidance, and establish a better CEHD brand across the world. All these accomplishments have a certain underlining parallel and that is engagement. As CEHD continues to grow, one of our goals is to gain a deeper engagement with the 350 CEHD alumni who are faculty and staff in our college. We on the board want to take engagement to the next level and continue to work together as one to build for the future. As the incoming president, my commitment is to work with all the stakeholders as one and continue to develop engaging communities for CEHD.

Thank you for this opportunity. I am excited to be the new Alumni Society Board president and I look forward to connecting with you soon.


Marvin Banks, MEd 2012
CEHD Alumni Society President