Message from the Alumni Society President

Sheila Piippo, CEHD Alumni Society President


I am excited to introduce myself as the president of the CEHD Alumni Society Board. I have been an active member of the board since fall 2017 and am honored to take on this role, filling the very large shoes of Marvin Banks. The Alumni Society Board is looking forward to returning to a full calendar of our traditional activities, including Homecoming, and hope you will join us! Our mission is to advocate for the university, create lifelong connections, and enhance the student experience. Whether you’re a recent graduate just entering the workforce, a mid-career professional wanting to meet other alumni, or a retiree interested in continuing education, there is a program that you will enjoy.

I’m proud of CEHD researchers and graduates who have worked hard to share best practices and discoveries that make a difference. The college’s commitment to improving the lives of children and families is a big reason I give back my time. Why is CEHD special to you? Please reach out with your ideas, memories, and feedback anytime at Thanks for all you do!


Sheila Piippo, MEd’04, special education
CEHD Alumni Society President