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Congratulations on making the decision to become a teacher! Our college’s teacher education programs will prepare you to become an expert in your field and an effective teacher. Throughout your program, our career services staff will be here to help support you in your career development. From exploring the profession to preparing your resume and cover letter for the MN Education Job Fair we are here to support you!

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Teaching is a versatile and dynamic career. Not only is it about teaching, it is also an opportunity to learn about yourself and explore how you want to connect with the education field. Take a look at where our teachers are going and hear from alumni to help you learn more about becoming a teacher. Get started with these questions!

  • What subject do I want to teach? What are my program options to prepare me?
  • Who do I want to teach? Kindergarten and elementary? Middle school? High school? Special education?
  • Do I want to stay in Minnesota? Or leave the state? Do I want to teach abroad?
  • What type of school do I want to teach at?

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Job outlook & salary information


Minnesota Department of Education

iseek careers: Minnesota's career, education, and job resource


Bureau of Labor and Statistics: Occupational Outlook Handbook


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Jobs after program completion

90.0% of students reported that they had a teaching position within six months of completing the initial licensure program requirements. (Teachers who completed initial licensure in 2016/2017.)

(from 2017 Transition to Teaching Survey of 2015/16 completers, response rate 87.1%)