Teacher trainings and workshops

We provide a variety of workshops and trainings which supplement working best practices. Workshops are offered online and in person. Workshops keep you, our educators, up to date with easily-implemented and relevant teaching methods.

Remote Instruction Video Series for K-12 Educators

The Remote Instruction in K-12 Contexts site provides an introduction to what remote instruction looks like in K-12 contexts — including foundational ideas of online learning, building relationships and community, activities and assessments, family roles, and support systems for teachers.

Supervisor workshops (SuperShops)

Supervisor Workshops (SuperShops) are designed specifically for professional development of clinical supervisors in all licensure areas. Sessions focus on topics related to a supervisor's role in the development of teacher candidates as well as how to use the college-wide assessment tool.

Co-teaching workshops

The Office of Teacher Education hosts face-to-face workshops and online co-teaching workshops, which are a part of the Mentoring and Teacher Candidates Using Co-Teaching series. Please see the individual workshops and their FAQs for information on co-teaching during remote learning. OTE created the resource, Co-Teaching Strategies During Remote Learning (opens new window), to aid cooperating teachers and teacher candidates in planning for co-teaching during remote learning.

  1. Co-teaching foundations (1.5 - 2 hours to complete)
    This is the first workshop in a two-part series. You will learn the fundamentals of the Co-Teaching model, including the research behind the model and strategies for using it in classroom.
  2. Co-teaching pairs (2 - 2.5 hours to complete)
    This workshop is the second in the series. This session must be completed online with the cooperating teacher and teacher candidate. It reviews information from the first session and has the participants develop a plan for using the co-teaching model in the classroom.

Cooperating Teacher Resources

The Cooperating Teacher Orientation video is an overview of clinical information, assessments, and responsibilities of a cooperating teacher. This video also includes information on accessing the teaching handbook and other resources.

The Introduction to edTPA for Cooperating Teachers video provides a brief introduction to the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA), a national assessment required by the state of Minnesota for all teacher candidates seeking licensure.