Sreytom Tim 2024 Rising Alumni Award Recipient

Sreytom Tim

Sreytom Tim graduated from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities with a degree in Family Social Science and a minor in Management. Upon graduation, she landed an internship at Worldview Studio in the Bay Area. Afterwards, Sreytom was hired as a Business Analyst for Emerging Markets Consulting (EMC) in Cambodia and was then promoted to Senior Business Analyst. She is now Monitoring and Evaluation Manager at Skills Development Fund Cambodia. She is also a Cambodian Leadership Advisor for LEAPS for PEACE. Ultimately, she wants to empower girls and women in Cambodia through economic development, education, gender equality, and human rights advancement.

Current Job

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager at Skills Development Fund Cambodia

CEHD Degree

BS, Family Social Science

What is your favorite memory from the University of Minnesota?

The University of Minnesota is considered a second home to me. It provided me with all the possibilities that I could have asked for. Every memory I have of it is my favorite, from the endless opportunities to learn and grow, to the chance to get involved with the community I love. The four different beautiful seasons with various activities to participate in, the support resources, and the meaningful friendships and networks with amazing people inside and outside of the University are also memories I cherish. Most importantly, U of M is the place where I cultivated and found my authentic self. I walked into U of M as a shy and submissive girl, but I walked out as a confident and independent woman, no longer "a frog in a tiny well" but "an eagle that flies high in the sky."

What professor(s) or course(s) were most influential during your time in the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD)?

I am always curious to learn, so I found each and every one of the courses I took to be interesting and influential. The most influential courses for me were Counseling taught by Dr. Tabitha Grier-Reed, Family and Community Engagement taught by Prof. Sara Axtell, and Immigrant and Refugee Families taught by Prof. Zha Blong Xiong. The interdisciplinary approach of those courses was practical and has transformed and equipped me with a global perspective that is essential for being a responsible global citizen. Most importantly, I genuinely appreciate how my professors understood and were very supportive of me. They played a crucial role in my accomplishment. Additionally, the knowledge, skills, and experiences I gained from those courses are not only beneficial to me professionally but also personally. It shaped who I am today.

What was the impact and benefit of your educational experience in CEHD?

I am passionate about promoting gender equality, quality education, economic development, multi-stakeholder collaboration, and learning experience in CEHD is just what I need. My educational experience in CEHD has been instrumental in achieving these goals. Through exposure to new global ideas and perspectives, I have gained a broader understanding of the world and the communities I live in, which enable me to be the best version of myself. Additionally, it encourages me to empower and inspire others, especially women and underprivileged communities to believe in education and to fight for what they deserve; ultimately to reach their full potential. Particularly, it shaped me to be a strong and independent woman who is confident and committed to create positive impacts in the community and society.

If you could have coffee with anyone from history, who would it be?

If I could have a chance to be with someone from the past, I would choose my mom who passed away over 10 years ago. I would like her to see who I have become, what I have accomplished, and how far I have come. Neither of us would imagine that I would get an opportunity to receive a higher education from one of the top universities in the U.S. I would like to celebrate with her and tell her that she has always been my role model and her wisdom inspires me to have hope, be resilient, and never give up.

What gets you excited about work?

People and the world change over time, and I strongly believe in life-long learning. I highly value works that provide constant learning and growing opportunities and especially positive social impacts. Specifically, the work should provide me with a sense of purpose, the opportunity to learn new things and build a meaningful network, engagement and challenge that encourages innovation and impact, and a supportive and collaborative working environment. I am delighted and enjoyed working with a team and supporting them to develop to their full potential.