Facing academic challenges

It’s common to experience academic challenges at some point during college. Your academic advisor is here to help you through those challenges, and will be an ally for you throughout your time at the U of M. Together, you will develop a plan to help you stay on the path to success. Your advisor will also connect you to the many student support resources at the U of M. Contact CEHD Student Services at 612-625-3339 to make an appointment.

Common barriers to academic success

There may be issues not listed below that you may want to discuss with your advisor. For a list of academic support resources at the U of M, visit success.umn.edu.

Family/social adjustment

Examples include: adjustment to the U of M/Twin Cities, adjustment to the United States, experiencing racism, home/family issues, home/family obligations, housing/roommate issues

On-campus resources:

Study skills

Examples include: concerns with high school preparation, difficulty managing time, hard classes, issues with an instructor, taking too many courses, unable to understand courses

On-campus resources:

Personal issues

Examples include: anxiety, depression, stress, concerns about personal safety, conflicts with social obligations/activities, difficulty finding motivation or meaning, financial difficulties, loneliness, physical illness, injury, possible learning disability, alcohol or substance abuse

On-campus resources:

Uncertain career/major goals

Examples include: no clear career goals, unsure of major; unsure of interests, skills, and abilities

On-campus resources:

Related resources


If you are placed on probation, you and your academic advisor will develop an academic success plan based on your individual needs. Review the U of M policy on academic probation.


Your first step in being readmitted to the U of M and CEHD is to contact CEHD Student Services at 612-625-3339. CEHD Student Services is located in 360 Education Sciences Building.

Leave of absence

The University has a leave of absence policy in case you need to leave school for one semester or longer. Complete the Leave of Absence form and submit it to CEHD Student Services.