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Best practices in childhood make a profound difference in the success of every individual. The top-ranked University of Minnesota Institute of Child Development has a vision to be an incubator of teaching and research that makes an exponentially positive impact on children, families, and society. We are asking for your support to provide ICD with a modern facility that helps make that vision possible. Its current space is outdated and dispersed across multiple buildings, and your support will sustain a vital academic center of distinction that attracts and retains creative, field-shaping faculty, and students who are uncovering new horizons in human development.

Thanks to donor generosity, we are moving toward our final goal:

  • We have reached $10.2 million in private support.
  • The 1968 ICD building will be demolished starting in November 2020, with reconstruction continuing through July 2022.
  • The 1913 ICD building interior will be demolished beginning in June 2021, with reconstruction continuing through July 2022.
  • Construction of the Unified Lab School started in July 2020. The Shirley G. Moore Lab School will join the Child Development Center as a combined program in a new space in August 2021.
  • In October 2020, the Minnesota Legislature passed a bonding bill that includes $29.2 million in funding for the ICD building project.

You can join this exciting project. For more information, please contact Susan Oswald Holter, Chief Development Officer at 612-625-1757 or

Your support will transform ICD to reflect the changing nature of teaching and learning in the science of child and adolescent psychology, and ensure the best outcomes for all children.

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Pre-design conceptual drawings
All renderings are pre-design conceptual drawings.
Pre-design conceptual drawings
All renderings are pre-design conceptual drawings.

We're driven to make a difference

Ann Masten
Over time, I’ve tried to foster a shift in the way we think about children at risk—from a focus on problems to a focus on strengths and promoting successful development.

Ann Masten, PhD
Regents Professor, Irving B. Harris Professor of Child Development,
Distinguished McKnight University Professor