Institute of Child Development building

Best practices in childhood make a profound difference in the success of every individual. The top-ranked University of Minnesota Institute of Child Development has a vision to be an incubator of teaching and research that makes an exponentially positive impact on children, families, and society. However, our ability to make a meaningful difference is limited because of ICD’s facilities, which are outdated and dispersed across multiple buildings.

A new facility will amplify our ability to be:

  • A vital academic center of distinction that attracts and retains creative, field-shaping faculty and students who are uncovering new horizons in human development.
  • A 21st-century research hub where researchers from interrelated disciplines collaborate and have access to the expertise and tools to gain deep understanding of the developing brain.
  • A dynamic incubator of discoveries that have direct application to improving children’s success in life.
  • A forum for making connections to the community to translate research findings into use where they can make a difference.

Your support will transform ICD to reflect the changing nature of teaching and learning in the science of child and adolescent psychology, and ensure the best outcomes for all children.

For more information, please contact Susan Oswald Holter, Chief Development Officer at 612-625-1757 or

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Pre-design conceptual drawings
All renderings are pre-design conceptual drawings.
Pre-design conceptual drawings
All renderings are pre-design conceptual drawings.

We're driven to make a difference

Ann Masten
Over time, I’ve tried to foster a shift in the way we think about children at risk—from a focus on problems to a focus on strengths and promoting successful development.

Ann Masten, PhD
Regents Professor, Irving B. Harris Professor of Child Development,
Distinguished McKnight University Professor