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The College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) is building education and events around the shared question:

Can one person make a difference

CEHD’s First Year Experience Program

CEHD Reads is part of the college's First Year Experience Program, which offers a two-semester curriculum focused on the social, academic, and institutional needs of first-year students. This program builds intentional pathways to college by introducing students to ways of thinking in different academic disciplines, strategies for collaborating with others, and resources for discovering their own strengths.

About the 2020-21 book

As part of this process, the college community is joining our first-year students in reading Make Your Home Among Strangers by Jennine Capó Crucet.

Make Your Home Among Strangers cover

From the book's website:

When Lizet—the daughter of Cuban immigrants and the first in her family to graduate from high school—is secretly accepted to an ultra-elite college, her parents are furious at her decision to leave Miami. Just weeks before she's set to start school, her parents divorce and her father sells her childhood home, leaving Lizet, her mother, and Lizet's older sister scrambling for a place to live.

Amid this turmoil, Lizet begins her first semester at Rawlings College, but the privileged environment feels utterly foreign, as does her new awareness of herself as a minority. Struggling to cope, she returns to Miami for a surprise Thanksgiving visit, only to be overshadowed by the arrival of Ariel Hernandez, a young boy whose mother died fleeing with him from Cuba on a raft. The ensuing immigration battle puts Miami in a glaring spotlight, captivating the nation and entangling Lizet's entire family. Pulled between life at college and her family's needs, Lizet is faced with difficult decisions that will change her life forever. Urgent and mordantly funny, Make Your Home Among Strangers tells the new story of what it means to be American today.