How scholarships are awarded

  • Current CEHD Students and incoming transfer students apply through an online application. All incoming CEHD first-year students are automatically considered for scholarships, and are notified through the admissions office if a scholarship has been awarded.
  • Reviewers within the college read the application and assign a score. They are looking for complete answers to all questions, error-free writing, and well-expressed vision specific to each student.
  • Our scholarship administrators match students' scores with scholarships. CEHD scholarships are matched with students’ financial need, merit and match: Financial need is demonstrated through the FAFSA or Minnesota Dream Act application process, or through students’ expressed financial concerns; Merit is assessed through a student’s expressed vision for the future, match with the college or department’s values, and academic standing. Grade point average is not the only factor considered! Match is considered for when our donors' preference to award scholarships to students who match an interest in a variety of specialized areas. Some examples include: funding certain populations (from a geographical region, or under-represented in the major), students who are the first generation of their family to go to college, or students interested in specific aspects of their field of study (ie. urban education, additional math coursework, wanting to become a corporate trainer). These specialized areas are noted within the scholarship listings.
  • Recipients are notified via email of their award and the steps to accept the scholarship.

Instructions for CEHD scholarship recipients

  1. Accepting your scholarship
  2. You must confirm your enrollment for the term(s) in which you will receive the scholarship. When you are notified of your award you will be given a link to the acceptance form. At this site you will also upload your thank you note to the donor. Those who have received a scholarship as a new admit to the University, you will receive the scholarship notification first from admissions, and then in the late spring/early summer, you will receive an additional notification from CEHD on how to accept the scholarship and write your thank you note.

  3. Writing a thank you note
  4. Clear instructions for how to write and submit your "thank you" letter are provided in your notification email from CEHD. Our administrators will send your letter to your scholarship donor.

  5. Confirm your scholarship is in your U of M account
  6. Once you have written your thank you note, we upload the scholarship into your U of M account. Typically within a week you will see it as a credit on your bill. You must be registered for U of M credit during the term(s) it is awarded in order to receive the award, and you must have maintained eligibility. Annual scholarships are automatically split between Fall and Spring semesters; if you plan to be out one of those terms, contact

Scholarships and financial aid

Please note that scholarships may affect your financial aid package. Scholarships count in your financial aid package, and therefore the total amount of grants, loans, and scholarships you have received cannot be more than your Cost of Attendance. We leverage our scholarships to reduce your personal payments to your bill, or to reduce your loans. Contact a OneStop financial aid counselor for more information.

Keeping your CEHD scholarship

All CEHD scholarship recipients must:

  • Use the scholarship for the term(s) it was intended. This means an annual scholarship cannot be used in summer term. Study Abroad and internship grants are term-specific and can include summer.
  • Write a thank you letter to the donor each year you receive a scholarship. If you receive more than one scholarship, you will be asked to write a letter for each one.
  • Remain in good academic standing.
  • Register as a full-time student with 13 credits or more per semester. If you have received permission to register for less than 13 credits in any one term, please note this within the acceptance form, or contact to make arrangements to keep your scholarship.
  • Depending on the parameters of renewable scholarships, you may have to stay in CEHD to keep a CEHD-specific or major-specific scholarship.
  • Eligibility for renewable scholarships is typically reviewed in May. You will be notified by early June if your scholarship will be renewed.