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Language Unit: Indirect discourse using that complement (John said that he has the book.)

This unit was written for upper elementary/middle school students, however, if you have older students who need to develop this structure, you can use a similar format with age-appropriate materials and activities.

As you develop this language component, use only language structures and concepts the students already know. The students should be familiar with complex sentence structures (sentences containing independent and dependent clauses) and the structure for direct discourse.

Tell the students what they will learn and why

The boy said, “I want an apple.”

Teacher demonstration/modeling

Use material from stories the children have already read or from their classroom experiences.

Guided Practice

Independent practice

Mei-Li thought, “I should paint my bedroom walls.”

Mei-Li thought that she should paint her bedroom walls..

(Note the second pronoun change from my to her.)

Dad thought, “I will pull the weeds out of the garden.”

Dad thought that he would pull the weeds out of the garden.

(Note the verb change from will to would.)

In subsequent lessons at a later time, present indirect discourse statements that use a different form, for example:

Dad told Samuel, “Pull the weeds.”

Dad told Samuel to pull the weeds.

Independent application