Research centers and labs

Our research centers and labs integrate our missions of teaching, research and outreach.

Collegewide centers

Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI)

CAREI seeks to improve the quality of education for all learners through neutral, rigorous research and evaluation of educational contexts and initiatives.

Institute on Community Integration (ICI)

Through collaborative research, training, and information sharing, ICI works to improve policies and practices to ensure that all children, youth, and adults with disabilities are valued by, and contribute to, their communities of choice.

Institute for Translational Research in Children's Mental Health (ITR)

The mission of ITR is to advance quality research, evidence-based clinical training, and information dissemination focused on children's mental health and development ages 0 to 18.

College-affiliated initiatives

Center for Open Education

The Center for Open Education supports initiatives that build collaboration and provide access to resources, research, and communities committed to open education.

University of Minnesota Autism Initiative (UMAI)

The UMAI represents a collective of UMN researchers, educators, and providers focused on improving the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorder in the state of Minnesota.

University of Minnesota Child Development Center

The University of Minnesota Child Development Center is a model demonstration and training site for early development with research opportunities to further the knowledge of early development, education, and quality care for young children.

Departmental centers